Install Webex App in Ubuntu 22.04

Webex App is basically a collaborative application through which we can call, meet and message anyone. The Webex App is available for Personal and Small Businesses. In this article, we cover how to install Webex App in Ubuntu 22.04.

At the time of writing version is available.

Note: Following operations require administrative privileges. In case you don’t have administrative rights then contact your System Administrator for assistance.

The package for Webex App isn’t available through the standard Ubuntu repository. Therefore, we need to download the required package (.deb file) from the official website of Webex. The Download page –

There you would find the: For Linux (.DEB) button. This would get us the required package. The file we downloaded – Webex.deb was approximately 290 MBs in size.

Install Webex App in Ubuntu 22.04

After the package gets downloaded, open a terminal and use cd command-line utility to get to the directory where the package file was saved.

cd /path/to/package-webex

To install Webex App –

sudo apt install ./Webex.deb

We don’t have to install any additional packages (or, dependencies) to install Webex App. Advanced Package Tool (APT) takes care of it. And, that is one of the benefits of installing a package through apt.

For us, it installed the additional package – libgl1-mesa-glx

If it prompts for an additional package with: Do you want to continue? [Y/n]. Press Y and Enter to install it.

If it’s successfully installed then we can launch the package from our systems’ main menu.

In conclusion, we have covered here how to install Webex App in Ubuntu 22.04 release.

Additional Info –

If for some reason, you choose to remove it then use the following command –

sudo apt purge webex

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