View contents of a file with less command in Linux

It isn't feasible to open a large enough text file through a GUI application. There are times when it takes so long for a file to open that it seems like an eternity.

Options and Arguments in Linux

Options and arguments help further enhance/customize the outcome of a command. In this article, we cover command-line options and arguments in Linux.

Identify a file's type in Ubuntu

Generally, we tend to identify a file's type by the extension a file ends with. But, that is not a reliable method.

Date command in Ubuntu

The date command-line utility is used to set and display system's date. Not only that, we can also modify our system's time as well.

Device files in Ubuntu

Device files acts as an interface between applications and the device driver. And, the device drivers can access the system hardware.

Install GnuCash in Ubuntu 22.04

It is a financial accounting application. Double-entry bookkeeping system, Reports, Graphs, Online Stock & Mutual Fund Quotes etc. are some of offered features.

Display RSS feeds as ticker in Ubuntu

In this article, we cover how to display RSS feeds as ticker in Ubuntu through tickr tool. It is an Atom/RSS reader which help us display the feed in the form of a ticker.

Display Moon Phases in Ubuntu

In this article, we cover how to display moon phases in Ubuntu through moonphases command-line utility which is available through undertime package.

Autostart an application in Ubuntu

It's better if we could make an application run at every boot on its own. That way, we save our precious time.

Check Weather from terminal in Ubuntu

If you stay at a place where weather conditions change frequently then it becomes crucial to check weather related data before venturing out.