Exit status of a command in Bash

Through a commands' exit status, we can deduce whether it was successfully executed or not.

Bash - run multiple commands in one line

If there are multiple commands we have to run then it is better to enter them in one go. For that either use either semicolon(;) or two ampersand operators (&&).

Identify terminal device in Linux

The device files which are created as a result of opening a terminal session are stored in the directory - /dev/pts.

PWD vs OLDPWD - Bash environment variables

PWD and OLDPWD are two environment variables in Bash. These special variables store valuable information and are defined for Bash.

Change to previous working directory with cd command in Linux

We cover here how to change current working directory to previous working directory with cd command. Usually, we switch to previous working directory manually.

Use FileZilla to transfer files through SFTP in AlmaLinux 9/Ubuntu

In this article, we cover how to use FileZilla to transfer files through SFTP in AlmaLinux 9 and Ubuntu. The application supports file transfer through SFTP Protocol.

Use sftp to transfer files remotely in Linux

In this article, we cover how to transfer files remotely through SFTP protocol. SFTP (or, SSH File Transfer Protocol) is basically a secure file transfer protocol.

Use scp to copy files remotely in Linux

Warning: SCP Protocol has been deprecated in favour of SFTP protocol. We used scp command to securely transfer files between different hosts on a network.

Connect two VirtualBox Virtual Machines through Bridged networking

VirtualBox uses host's device driver for bridged networking.

Change system language in Ubuntu

Although during installation process one does get an option to choose the system language. But, we can also change it through locales package later.