Antivirus in Ubuntu/Linux Distributions

Antivirus in Ubuntu/Linux Distributions: An Antivirus application is a program that detects and removes viruses. Thus, keeping our systems secure. With proliferation of threats on computer networks in the last decade, modern Antiviruses have also evolved. They can now protect us against variety of malicious applications. These malicious applications can be trojans, rootkits, spywares, malwares, keyloggers, ransomwares etc. To keep our devices secure, Antivirus applications are being build that could run on various platforms like Microsoft’s Windows, MacOS, Android, Linux etc.

Antivirus applications needed for Ubuntu/Linux?

Whether Antivirus applications are to be installed for Ubuntu/Linux or not depends on the tasks that you perform on your Operating System. For instance, if you are never connected to Internet, never transfer files through USB devices then it would be safe to say that you perhaps can do without an Antivirus application. Generally speaking, you don’t need an Antivirus for Ubuntu/Linux operating system. Even if there is a potential threat present, then it may not able to harm your operating system. Reason being – for it to become a fully-fledged threat it requires root privileges. In Ubuntu you can’t even login as root unless you specifically enable the feature.

Virus and related threats are a rare for Ubuntu/Linux

There are largely two stances that explain why there is rarity of threats.

Firstly, Ubuntu/Linux operating system do not have a considerable market share. It users are less when compared with other operating systems. Hence, threats are rare.

Secondly, due to its open-source policy it is tough to exploit its vulnerabilities. As everyone has the access to its code. Therefore, any vulnerabilities are fixed quickly. This in turns gets us security updates. Users who use Long-term support versions of Ubuntu don’t have worry to about vulnerabilities in packages for years. And, transition from one version of Ubuntu/Linux distribution to other is smooth.

But, we can’t say everything is perfect just because there are few virus codes written, or some community provides regular security updates. In the world of uncertainties next threat could just be round the corner. Security is just an illusion. If we don’t know what we are doing then it is better to stay away from it for time being. Utilize that time to learn more about that technology and once you feel confident enough, take a leap.


Installing an Antivirus on Ubuntu/Linux distribution or for that matter any other operating system is not a bad idea if we don’t know what we are up to. It is always better to install an extra layer of security. Even if we know what we are doing it is not possible for us to monitor everything all the time. Also, it could also be possible malicious codes may not affect us at all but our system may affect other devices that are connected with us. So, decide if you really want an Antivirus installed or not and act accordingly.