Install Notepad++ in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Notepad++ is a free source code editor. It is available to use under licence GPLv2. The editor was first released on November 24, 2003. And, at the time of writing the article, the latest stable release is 7.9.2. In this article, we would discuss how to install Notepad++ in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS release.

Since, the installer package is available for Windows operating system. Therefore, we can’t install it for Ubuntu release through a standard Ubuntu repository. Hence, we will install it through snap. Furthermore, in Additional Info section – we would also discuss how it can be done through wine as well.

Note: Following operations require you to have superuser privileges. In case you don’t have one, then contact your System Administrator for assistance.

Install Notepad++ in Ubuntu 20.04 through snap

This one is pretty straightforward, all we need to have is snap package installed (already comes as default). To verify for the version installed, issue the following in terminal –

snap version

If it isn’t there, then first update the repository to make the latest version of package available –

sudo apt update

Then, to install snap

sudo apt install snapd

Now, to install Notepad++

sudo snap install notepad-plus-plus

Lastly, to launch the application – issue the following in terminal –


During first run – snap will initialize wine and install the application for us. As discussed earlier, Notepad++ version 7.9.2 is available through snap.

In conclusion, we have discussed how to install Notepad++ in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS release.

Additional Info –

There is an alternative method to install Notepad++, which we will discuss in brief.

In the above section, we saw how snap initialised wine and this enabled us to run the application. If we don’t want to continue with snap, then wine package is to be installed separately.

To update the repository –

sudo apt update

then, install wine –

sudo apt install wine64

To verify the wine64 version installed –

wine64 --version

Thereafter, we have to enable multiarch and install wine32

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt update
sudo apt install wine32

Now, we have to download the relevant package from official website of Notepad++. A simple google search – “Notepad++” would help us get the Download page of its official website. From here, click on the latest stable version and download the 64-bit “installer” file –


Here, we have downloaded for version 7.9.2. It could be different for you.

Next, reach the package through cd command-line utility –

cd /path/to/installer-package

and, issue the following in terminal –

wine npp.7.9.2.Installer.x64.exe

Lastly, follow the instructions to install the package.

To run the application – either the shortcut would be available in your Systems’ main menu or head to the directory –

cd /home/$USER/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Notepad++/


wine64 notepad++.exe

It should launch the application.