Generative AI professional certification by NVIDIA

NVIDIA is now offering Generative AI professional certification. Generative AI is a revolutionary field. It is about the use of AI to create content. This can include text, images, music, videos, etc.

It utilizes a machine-learning model to generate new content by learning patterns in the existing dataset.

The AI-related jobs are in huge demand. As per a recent article on CNBC: 5 highest-paying tech skills companies are hiring for now, could easily help you earn more than $168k.

It is important to upgrade our skills as and when we have the time in the field of technology. It not only helps us find better work but also brings efficiency to the work we currently do. Apart from that, we enhance our readiness to address the forthcoming challenges.

Certifications help us validate our skills. Holding a certificate can help us stand out in the competitive job market. NVIDIA, for the first time, offers a certification in Generative AI. There are two associate-level Generative AI certifications.

The certifications will be accessible beginning with NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference. The 2024 NVIDIA GTC is the first in-person event in 5 years. It will be held in San Jose, California. Dates: March 18 to March 21.

To know more, check out NVIDIA’s blog post: NVIDIA Introduces Gen AI Prof Certification

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