Challenges – Search Engine Optimization

What are challenges we face while implementing Search Engine Optimization methodology?

As there are numerous benefits to the implementation of Search Engine Optimization technique, we would also face a few challenges while doing so:

A. It takes a lot of time before we start to get desired results:

In fast – paced world, everything we need is available around us and is reachable with just a click of mouse. But, for getting desired outcome after implementing Search Engine Optimization technique, its not that easy.

It could take months to have a desired effect. Those with patience are tested thoroughly. There are people, in need of faster results, may fall for cheap tricks and out of necessity and falling for those cheap tricks could even get them results for a shorter period of time. Search Engines have evolved with time and the engines are pretty quick at discovering under hand techniques. This would ultimately lead to penalties on your website by the search engines and would damage your reputation, brand, credibility of providing quality search results. Sometimes, it takes years to restore the loss.

B. Stay away from irrelevant content:

Content creation is not an easy task, it could take hours to write an article, blog post that is relevant to the topic that is to be discussed. But, sometimes we unnecessarily can get carried away for any reason and mention events that would nowhere be linked to the theme of our article. Search Engines do not appreciate such content. There are a few who would unnecessarily mention keywords in their posts, that is also not advisable. Content have to be precise and should be of highest quality.

C. User experience is a crucial factor:

Sometimes even after implementing all that is required to get attention of search engines by implementing Search Engine Optimization technique, our organic traffic doesn’t built the way we want it to. It is obviously below our expectations, in that scenario we should check whether it is the user experience that is affecting our website. We intend to provide a resolution to a search query but when the user visits our website he finds that our content is not something that he is looking for. In that case, he would skip visiting our site even if through SEO we keep ranking high on the search engine results page. Hence, we need to built websites that are relevant and user-friendly and SEO techniques should be implemented in an appropriate manner.

Till now, we have discussed basics of Search Engine Optimization; its benefits; the challenges we face while implementing SEO technique. In further posts, we will discuss each of the topics that are related to Search Engine Optimization in detail.