Benefits of Implementing Search Engine Optimization

First we need to understand that by implementing Search Engine Optimization techniques, we are in for a long haul. It could take months before we could say that through Search Engine Optimization we have got effective outcomes. We can never be sure that only by implementing just one part of the technique, we could get desired effect. It is basically a combination of several factors that would ultimately lead to our target of higher rank on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

There are numerous benefits of implementing a Search Engine Optimization technique. We will discuss a few now:

A. Implementing SEO results in higher organic traffic:

We already know that the websites, which are listed on the first few pages are going to get more traffic than the websites which are listed on, say, 1000th page. The reason for the above is quite obvious. People are looking to get their search query related results in the shortest amount of time. Nobody would wait to read all the website links up to the 1000th page, they are looking for a quick resolution of their query.

It could easily be understood with the help of an example, some user ABC wants to find the address of XYZ store in his locality. He would simply type in the store name, and pretty much that’s all he / she has to do to get the address. The result would itself be provided on the first page and user moves on.

So, SEO technique if implemented appropriately would lead to more organic traffic, if you have the content that the user is looking for.

B. Associated Costs of Implementing SEO are next to nothing:

We do not have to incur huge cost in printing brochures, newspaper advertisements, television ads etc. There could be some cost associated with hiring a SEO expert to get our work done, if we do not know the methodology. But, if we have brief idea of how we can make use of the technique, then we can do it for ourselves.

C. Credibility increases with the increase in organic traffic:

Search Engine Results Page ranks websites on the basis of content quality. Fresh content would also keep users interested and bring regular flow of organic traffic. This also helps us in creating a brand out of our product.

The website that is ranked higher on a Search Engine Results Page would have some credibility associated with it. Organizations that have funds to invest in branding / advertisements can get traffic through variety of channels but those with the lack of funds have could have tough time bringing the traffic to their website. For those, Search Engine Optimization is a tool that can be used to produce desired outcomes. It takes its own time but on a longer time horizon, the SEO technique would built an organic traffic base that would be free from any cheap tricks. SEO technique would then assist us in creating a brand with minimal investment.