rsync to locally copy files and directories in Ubuntu/AlmaLinux

With the help of rsync command-line utility, we can copy files/directories both locally as well as between local and remote hosts.

Install gedit in AlmaLinux 9

gedit is a graphical based-text editor. In this article, we cover how to install gedit in AlmaLinux 9.

Install vim in AlmaLinux 9

vim is a text editor, which is an improved version of vi editor. It is a free and open-source cross platform application.

Install LibreOffice in AlmaLinux 9

Two methods we cover here, which can help us install LibreOffice Office Productivity Suite - through AppStream repository and RPMs.

Clear Bash history in AlmaLinux/Ubuntu

In this article, we cover how to clear Bash history in AlmaLinux and Ubuntu. All the commands, text we enter in the Bash terminal session are saved.

Get CPU information in AlmaLinux/Ubuntu

There are numerous graphical and command-line tools which can provide us the relevant information. The command-line tool which particularly interests us is - lscpu.

Install TradingView in Ubuntu/AlmaLinux

Apart from the fundamental analysis, one should also track movement in prices of asset classes one is interest in. And, TradingView help us do exactly that.

error: system does not fully support snapd in AlmaLinux 9

From the error, it is clear that our system can't recognize filesystem type 'squashfs'. So, first we check whether the specific kernel module - squashfs is loaded or not.

Install Snapd in AlmaLinux 9

Snapd is used to manage Snaps, which includes an application and its dependencies. It is developed by Canonical Ltd.

Create custom command in AlmaLinux 9

If there is a specific command set which we often use then, it is better to create our own command to get things done faster.