Install Python Numba in Ubuntu 22.04

Numba is an open-source just-in-time (JIT) compiler for code written in Python. It integrates with NumPy well.

Install Python 3.11 in Ubuntu 22.04

We will be installing Python v3.11.0 alongside the version already installed through repository. Download the Gzipped source tarball package.

Identity operators in Python

The identity operators in Python check if the two variables corresponds to the same object and the memory location.

Difference between equal to (==) and assignment operator (=) in Python

Compare values using comparison operators. We would discuss the difference between equal to (==) and assignment operator (=) in Python.

Compare string with integer in Python

But, what if we need to compare a string with an integer? Although, not possible directly with the comparison operators.

Comparison operators in Python

There are six comparison operators in Python. A Python code often involves comparing values stored in variables.

Arithmetic operators in Python

In this article, we would cover Arithmetic operators in Python. These are used to perform certain mathematical operations.

Nested if in Python

if statements inside a if statement are Nested if statements in Python. We asked the user to input an integer value and stored in num.

if..else statement in Python

Through flow control statements (like if..else statement in Python), we can figure out which statement we need to execute next.

Augmented assignment statements in Python

We would cover Augmented assignment statements in Python here. When we assignment integer 10 value to variable x then, we declare -