WebP support in Blender

WebP support in Blender is definitely a relief to those web developers who earlier had to convert Blender output as WebP.

Screentest - to test quality of Screens in Ubuntu

With screentest package we could test the quality of our screens in Ubuntu distribution. We could identify any existing issues plaguing our screens.

Raw vs Qcow2 Disk Images in QEMU/KVM

Raw vs Qcow2: Qemu/KVM provides support for various image formats. The two major disk image formats, widely recommended and used are raw and qcow2.

Command line Calendar utilities on Debian

Calendar in Linux might seem like novelty, however mastering the tool may be helpful. We will discuss command line calendar utilities like cal, ncal & gcal.

/tmp on RAM

The purpose of /tmp directory on GNU/Linux has been to provide programs a directory for temporary files. In this article, we would discuss /tmp on RAM.