Check system uptime in AlmaLinux 9

It may seem trivial for a regular user to monitor system uptime. But, in critical infrastructure environments much importance is given to it.

Take Screenshots in AlmaLinux 9

In AlmaLinux 9, we have got two applications that can help us take screenshots: GNOME-Screenshot and XFCE4-Screenshooter.

Remove a package in AlmaLinux 9

Use dnf package manager to remove a package. In this article, we cover how to remove a package in AlmaLinux 9.

Unit converter in Ubuntu/AlmaLinux 9

With the help of a Unit converter we can convert one unit of measurement to another. In this article, we cover how to get that done through command-line tool - units.

Use FileZilla to transfer files through SFTP in AlmaLinux 9/Ubuntu

In this article, we cover how to use FileZilla to transfer files through SFTP in AlmaLinux 9 and Ubuntu. The application supports file transfer through SFTP Protocol.

Change system language in AlmaLinux 9

Operating systems now come with multiple language support. So that, no one has to face language specific barriers.

Install htop in AlmaLinux 9

htop would let us sort processes on various parameters, nice and renice any process, view numerous meters which are available through setup option etc.

Install GNOME System Monitor in AlmaLinux 9

The package is available through a System repository - AppStream. And, it can be installed through DNF package manager.

Install RPM packages in AlmaLinux 9

One benefit of using DNF package manager is that, it would check for dependencies and if required it would provide us suggestions on how to move ahead.

Install ImageMagick in AlmaLinux 9

ImageMagick is a free and open source cross-platform application which is used to create, edit, convert digital images. In this article, we cover how to install ImageMagick in AlmaLinux 9.