Understanding SEO!

Published: May 23, 2019

Understanding SEO!

Understanding SEO! The primary objective behind Search Engines was to provide internet users the most appropriate search query results. The search engines were meant to help its users find the most relevant information and content.

Web Crawling, Searching and Indexing are considered three main processes associated with the search engines. There are numerous search engines, the most prominent ones are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex RU and DuckDuckGo.

Today, it has become extremely important to get visibility across search results, if we do get the intended visibility then we can put our valuable resources to some other use. Also, building organic traffic from search results is extremely beneficial.

Now, understand the above with the help of an example - if you have a business, wherein you are offering a product to your consumers; if a user searches for those properties that are related to your product, then it would help you build more traffic to your website and more traffic to your website would ultimately turn to more sales of your product. This is just one example that could help through increasing sales from a business perspective. What if you want to convey some new idea, something that is for the greater good, whatif government wants to convey some critical information related to a natural disaster to the targeted citizens. Not every one remembers / knows which particular website to visit. By getting visibility in search results would itself mean that your content is relevant to the search query. That is a win - win situation for all.

From whatever we have discussed till now, we can say getting visibility on search results indirectly means that we are using right keywords, our content is of better quality when compared to that of our competitors and we are providing the most relevant information for the particular search query.

Sometimes, it happens that our intentions are all right but we don't know how to get visibility for search results, like we wonder everything is perfect with our page, with our content still we lag on search engine results page (SERPs). To solve those genuine issues, search engine optimization methodology has evolved.

Search Engine Optimization: We call it a method or a process through which we could increase our websites' traffic. The traffic build through search engine optimization process would be entirely organic, by organic we meant that the user has visited our website just because we have used most relevant keywords, information and content on our website with the search query that user typed.

There are other ways too with which we could increase our website's traffic, for example, through paid advertisement - offline and online. But, when we do get an Organic traffic through search engine results page, then we donot have to shell out our hard-earned income.

It is also imperative to mention here that there were users who would implement strategies that are far from acceptable to search engines standards. Initially, they did get away and were able to rank themselves higher but as the search engines evolved it was next to impossible for them to execute those strategies. And, with every passing day search engines are getting smarter and that in turn helps their users to get desired results.

Now, take the example of the most popular search engine, Google, it ranks your pages on the basis hundreds of factors and then it determines your website's position on its search engine results page. There are hundreds and thousands of pages solely dedicated to how to get your website visible on search engine results page or how to list your website on the first page of search results. But, there is just one factor that in my opinion is one of the most crucial factor in determining your page listing on the search engine results page and that is your website's content.

It is also important to mention here that the industry is highly competitive, it is almost impossible for one website to stay at top all the time. This also provides a fair opportunity to those who are new in business / industry to establish themselves for a long haul.

In the next article, we would discuss the benefits of implementing search engine methodology.