Types of search related queries

There are mainly three types of search related queries:

  1. Navigational Search Queries,
  2. Informational Search Queries, and
  3. Transactional Search Queries.

A. Navigational Search Queries:

When a user already know which location he/she has to access, then we call it a navigational search query. Understand it with the help of an example. Suppose you want to visit XYZ website, then you would simply enter XYZ in the search box and will get the relevant search result. And, you would simply navigate to the desired result page.

B. Informational Search Queries:

When the intention of a user is to find out information related to a particular topic, then he/she is considered to be evoking an informational search query. Generally, this type of search query is executed by those who are interested in getting information for keeping themselves updated etc. For instance – How to upgrade your distro through a command line interface?

C. Transactional Search Queries:

These types of search query involve some sort of transactions. These transactions could be related to placing orders, download/upload of data, signing up for a service etc.

In conclusion, we could say search related queries are evoked by the user. Therefore, it helps us to optimize our search engine related techniques.