Run a Docker container in Ubuntu

Docker image contains everything that is required to run our code. In this article, we cover how to run docker container in Ubuntu.

Docker permission denied error in Ubuntu

Permission denied error - this happens when a user with insufficient privileges try to access the docker command.

Install XScreenSaver in Ubuntu 22.04

A Screensaver helps us lock our screen after a period of inactivity. And then, only authorized users are allowed to access the machine.

List package dependencies in Ubuntu

The utility we cover here is apt-rdepends. It basically helps us get the required information through apt-cache. 

Identify BASH built-in commands in Ubuntu

To identify a built-in command, use type command-line tool. It is basically a built-in command in BASH itself.

Install fish shell in Ubuntu 22.04

A shell is basically an interpreter which help us interact with our OS (i.e. Operating System). fish, friendly interactive shell, is pretty easy to install.

Identify current shell in Ubuntu

Although there are many ways to identify a shell. The command-line tool which we utilize here is ps.

Select text in nano text editor

Nano is a terminal-based editor therefore selecting data would require use of some key combinations.

Edit multiple files with nano text editor

Things aren't as direct when it comes to opening multiple files with nano. With the help of keyboard shortcuts we can work with multiple files. 

Encrypt a USB drive through LUKS in Ubuntu

Anyone who doesn't provide a correct passphrase won't be able to access the data stored in our USB drive.