View disk partitions in Ubuntu

A storage drive can have one ore more partitions depending on what the user prefers. For each partition, we have a separate drive file in /dev/ directory.

Swap priority -2

A user can set priority value which is greater than equal to zero (0) but less than equal to 32767 for a Swap device.

Set priority for Swap devices in Ubuntu

If there are multiple Swap devices available then it is better to set a priority to ensure that faster devices are preferred.

Swappiness in Ubuntu

The Swappiness values can range between 0 and 100. So, a 0 Swappiness value would push the Kernel to not move out inactive pages.

Install curl in Ubuntu 22.04

curl command-line utility is mainly used to transfer files from or to a server using protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, SCP, SFTP, FTP, DICT etc.

Remove a Swap file from Swap space in Ubuntu

We need to check for the Swap file enabled on our system. So, identify the Swap file we want to remove through - swapon --show.

Swap file to extend Swap space in Ubuntu

Firstly, we need to create a file of defined size to be used as Swap file. Next, we set file permissions so that regular users don't get read access of the file.

Swap size in Ubuntu?

Swap space beyond the maximum specified values would hardly have an impact. Reason - Physical disks are much slower than RAMs.

What is Swap in Ubuntu?

The amount of RAM available to our system is finite and if it crosses a certain threshold then, without Swap our processes would begin to fail.

Remove a user from group in Ubuntu

The benefit of using deluser command-line utility is - even if we accidentally try to remove a users' primary group, it would throw an error.