Install XFCE in AlmaLinux 9

XFCE is a lightweight Desktop environment for Linux. In this article, we cover how to install XFCE in AlmaLinux 9.

Attach a Docker container

It is necessary to know either Container Name or Container ID before we attach Docker container. So, use docker container ls -a command to get the data.

Execute a command inside Docker container

In this article, we cover how to execute a command inside Docker container. It is different from the article we have already covered - Connect to a Shell inside Docker container.

Identify a file's type in Ubuntu

Generally, we tend to identify a file's type by the extension a file ends with. But, that is not a reliable method.

Date command in Ubuntu

The date command-line utility is used to set and display system's date. Not only that, we can also modify our system's time as well.

View Logs of a Docker Container

Logs are a great way check how efficiently our machine has been working. They provide us valuable information about our machine as and when required.

Device files in Ubuntu

Device files acts as an interface between applications and the device driver. And, the device drivers can access the system hardware.

Inspect a Docker container

We have seen how to list a docker container in previous article. But, what if we want detailed information about a container?

Remove a Docker container

Identify the container which we want to remove. Copy its Container Name or ID. Use docker container rm command as described above to remove it.

Install GnuCash in Ubuntu 22.04

It is a financial accounting application. Double-entry bookkeeping system, Reports, Graphs, Online Stock & Mutual Fund Quotes etc. are some of offered features.