Display RSS feeds as ticker in Ubuntu

In this article, we cover how to display RSS feeds as ticker in Ubuntu through tickr tool. It is an Atom/RSS reader which help us display the feed in the form of a ticker.

Display Moon Phases in Ubuntu

In this article, we cover how to display moon phases in Ubuntu through moonphases command-line utility which is available through undertime package.

Autostart an application in Ubuntu

It's better if we could make an application run at every boot on its own. That way, we save our precious time.

Stop and Start a Docker container

Before we could stop and start a Docker container, we need to have either NAME of the container or its CONTAINER ID.

Check Weather from terminal in Ubuntu

If you stay at a place where weather conditions change frequently then it becomes crucial to check weather related data before venturing out.

Display Weather info in Ubuntu LXDE

The information can be made available through our Systems' main menu. The Systems' main menu is LXPanel - it is a Desktop panel for LXDE.

Run a program periodically in Ubuntu

There are times when we have to run a program at regular intervals. One of the command-line tool which can assist us is watch.

List Docker containers

The output from the command is divided in seven fields - CONTAINER ID, IMAGE, COMMAND, CREATED, STATUS, PORTS and NAMES.

Install PuTTY in Ubuntu 22.04

In this article, we cover how to install PuTTY in Ubuntu 22.04 release. It was developed by Simon Tatham for Windows.

Connect to a Shell inside Docker container

In this article, we cover how to connect to a Shell inside the Docker container. The two options we will use is --interactive or -i and --tty or -t.