Install SSH Server in Ubuntu 24.04

In this article, we cover how to install SSH Server in Ubuntu 24.04 release. SSH (Secure Shell) server mainly allows us to access and manage a system remotely. The basic idea is to connect an SSH client to an SSH server.

Note: The following operations require System Administrator privileges to make changes. If you lack necessary Administrative privileges then, reach out to your System Administrator for assistance.

Install SSH Server in Ubuntu

Step 1. Update repositories

Open a terminal and update the standard Ubuntu repository through the following command:

sudo apt update

Step 2. Install OpenSSH server

sudo apt install openssh-server

Step 3. Check if the SSH service is running or not:

systemctl status ssh

Step 4. Start the SSH service:

sudo systemctl enable ssh
sudo systemctl start ssh

This time around, you should see active(running) after the following command:

systemctl status ssh

Step 5. Connect to SSH server:

ssh username@hostname


ssh username@ip_addr

Here, replace username, hostname, and ip_addr with actual data. We will get a prompt for the password thereafter.

In conclusion, we have covered here how to install the SSH (Secure Shell) server in the Ubuntu 24.04 release.

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