Chrome extensions in Android

Can we install extensions in the Google Chrome web browser on Android? Although it is possible to install extensions in the Desktop version of Google Chrome web browser. But, the same can’t be written about the version we have available in Android.

Though web browser extensions do help add functionality to our browsers. Unfortunately, we can’t install extensions in the Android version of Google Chrome.

But, we can install extensions in web browsers like Firefox or those web browsers that are based on Google Chrome. If you want then install some other web browser and try installing an extension in it. That perhaps would get this done for you. But, do ensure that the browser you are installing as an alternative to Google Chrome should be a reputed one. It should be updated/fixed by the developer regularly. It is really necessary to pay much attention to the apps we install especially when it comes to installing a web browser.

Our devices contain sensitive information and if some bad actor gets hold of that without us being aware of it can quickly turn into a nightmare. If you wish to install an extension in Firefox web browser then do check the next article.

And, that is pretty much everything we had to write here.

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