Antivirus tools for Ubuntu/Linux

Whether you require an Antivirus or not entirely depends on what you are going to do with your Operating System. Be it any operating system for that matter, if you are not well-versed with tech then its a good idea to get an Antivirus installed. No operating system is perfect. Flaws exists in all. It is the users responsibility to keep his/her system secure. Accordingly, he/she may choose to install an Antivirus application.

Following are antivirus solutions which we find could be useful to you.

Antivirus tools available for Ubuntu/Linux

  1. ClamAV Antivirus
  2. Avast security for Linux

A. ClamAV Antivirus: ClamAV is an open-source Antivirus toolkit that is provided with the Ubuntu’s main repository itself. So, if you have Ubuntu, then you can install it either through Software Center/Synaptic Package Manager or from the command-line. ClamAV is a command line tool, but if you want a Graphical User Interface (GUI) then you have to install ClamTk package.

B. Avast Security for Linux: Avast Security for Linux is available for server. Its available for a subscription fee. Visit their official website to know more.

To install ClamAV antivirus, we require administrative privileges. Open a terminal and issue the following to install ClamAV antivirus –

sudo apt install clamav

In Conclusion, here we covered two Antivirus tools available for Linux – ClamAV and Avast Security.

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