modinfo in Ubuntu

We consider this article to be an extension of lsmod in Ubuntu. There we saw how to list currently loaded kernel modules. A kernel module is basically a code which can be loaded or unloaded without having to rebuild or reboot the kernel. This is done to extend kernel functionality. In this article, we cover command-line utility modinfo in Ubuntu.

Open a terminal and issue the following –


This shows us the list of currently loaded modules. Now, what if we want to know more about a module? We can use modinfo, which we discuss in detail next, for more information about a module.

modinfo in Ubuntu

As already discussed, use modinfo to know more about a kernel module. Following is the syntax to get the module’s description

modinfo -d [module_name]


/sbin/modinfo -d [module_name]

For instance, if we want description for module – intel_rapl_common

modinfo -d intel_rapl_common

It would return with the following –

Intel Runtime Average Power Limit (RAPL) common code

To know about the author of the kernel module –

modinfo -a [module_name]

Know about the file associated with the module –

modinfo --filename [module_name]

Also, for licensing related information

modinfo --license [module_name]

Lastly, if want to know everything about a kernel module which includes above mentioned options as well. Then,

modinfo [module_name]

For instance,

modinfo intel_rapl_common

In conclusion, we have discussed modinfo command-line utility in Ubuntu here. In next article, we cover how to load and unload a specific module.

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