Live Speedometer Introduced in Google Maps

Google Maps is now including a live speedometer along with speed limit indicator. The new feature introduced in Google Maps can be turned on under Navigation Settings, it will also indicate if a driver is speeding. The app also includes features such as speed trap indicators. Features will send a alert on phone, every time user is exceeding the speed limit. Other features included were speed cameras, traps, hazard reporting.

The recent acquisition of Waze by Google, has since seen many of Waze’s features been added to Google Maps and vice-versa as Google Assistant in now been extended to Waze. It will be useful as Waze user can report traffic by “Hey Google, report traffic” allowing a hands-free experience.

The features is appearing for some users in US, Canada, UK and in some countries in EU, but it may not be available in all counties. It will soon be rolling out in phased manner for other counties as well.

However, speed limits will based on GPS reading on android device. Google advises that app’s functionality will be for “informational purposes only”. GPS accuracy is typically within 4.9 m radius under open sky and worsens near buildings, bridges, and trees.

Global average for accuracy has been under 2.3 ft. 95% of the time.

Google improves location accuracy with combination of GPS, Wifi and cellular location which covers both indoors and outdoors.