How to make calls over Wi-Fi in Android

In this article, we cover how to make calls over Wi-Fi in an Android smartphone. Wi-Fi calling is also known as voice-over Wi-Fi. Not all smartphones would support making Wi-Fi calls. The feature is mostly available in Android 6.0 and later.

With the help of Wi-Fi calling, we can make calls over a Wi-Fi network. At times, the cellular network coverage is weak in certain areas. Under such circumstances, if Wi-Fi is available then we can make calls over it.

Though it could be possible that the Wi-Fi provider may charge you a fee. But, in the US the cellular network providers won’t charge you for such calls.

Though most cellular network providers may not charge you for making domestic Wi-Fi calls. But, the same can’t be said when making international calls. Do contact your cellular network provider once for more info before making both domestic as well as international calls.

How to make calls over Wi-Fi in Android

First, we need to enable the feature in our Android smartphone. We again reiterate that not all smartphones or cellular network providers support Wi-Fi calling features.

You need to first open the Phone App. Then, Settings >> Calls >> Wi-Fi Calling. Enable the feature.

We would like to add here that, this won’t work for every device. It depends on the device manufacturer. For some, they need to go directly to Settings >> SIM & Mobile Network >> SIM Info >> Wi-Fi calling.

Once you have it enabled, you don’t have to do anything extra to make calls over Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is available then it would automatically start making calls over Wi-Fi. If it isn’t then your cellular network is used.

Though it may seem that Wi-Fi calling should be your preferred choice for making calls. But, that isn’t so. It depends on the strength of the Wi-Fi network. If it is weak and you begin to move out of the range then, it would affect the quality of your call. On the other hand, we can’t say that cellular networks would work well all the time.

So, overall we need to ensure that we are always connected to the best network available while making calls whether it’s Wi-Fi or the cellular network.

Also, making calls over a public Wi-Fi network is something we don’t suggest unless it’s absolutely necessary for you to do so. Always use secure Wi-Fi networks.

In conclusion, we have covered here how to make over Wi-Fi in an Android smartphone.

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