Install Unity Hub in Ubuntu 20.04

Unity, developed by Unity Technologies, is a game engine. It was first released on June 08, 2005. Furthermore, at the time of writing the article the latest stable release is 2019.3.10. In this article, we would discuss how to install Unity Hub in Ubuntu 20.04 distribution.

We can built 2D, 3D, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications with Unity. However, its not just about video game applications. There is more to it – construction, films, manufacturing etc related applications can also be built.

Install Unity Hub in Ubuntu 20.04

First, visit Unity store home page to download the relevant package. Therein, we have to select the appropriate subscription plan. Free version is available under Individuals section –> Personal. But, there are associated terms and conditions. Download the free version only if you comply, otherwise choose relevant subscription.

For free version, click on Get Started button. It will take you to new address. Click on Start Here button and accept terms and conditions to download the relevant package.

Thereafter, a package file – UnityHub.AppImage will be available to us. It is basically an AppImage file. Now, all we need to do is –

  1. Make the file executable
  2. Run the AppImage file.

To make the file executable, we would use chmod command-line utility –

chmod a+x UnityHub.AppImage


a+x makes our file executable for all users.

Through chmod command-line utility, file mode bits can be modified. We will discuss more about it and Appimage file in coming articles.

To run the executable, issue the following in terminal –


Now, if we are running the UnityHub.AppImage file for the first time. Then, it will ask us to accept Package License Terms and Conditions. Accept if you comply. Once you accept T&Cs, it will make relevant links in our System’s main menu.

Alternately, we can also access the Unity Hub package through terminal also –

cd /path/to/AppImage

Next, open the Unity Hub application and under Installs tab –> Add a Unity version of your choice –> Add relevant modules.

In conclusion, we have discussed how to install Unity Hub in Ubuntu 20.04 distribution.

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